Vadim Ilyuschenko Creates The Azov Sea Marathon

Vadim Ilyuschenko Creates The Azov Sea Marathon

Vadim Ilyuschenko is an open water swimmer and race director from Donetsk, Ukraine. Like many others around the world, his passion for swimming and the open water is being manifested through the organization of a new swim.

Ilyuschenko helped promote the Donbass Open Aquatics Festival in 2012 and is now adding to his open water network with the inaugural Azov Sea Marathon that will be held in the Sea of Azov near the village of Sandy and Fishing in Mariupol, Ukraine on August 24th.

The multi-lingual engineer explains, “The goals of the Azov Sea Marathon include:

– Promote open water swimming in Ukraine
– Promote a healthy lifestyle
– Participate in the protection of the ecosystem of the Azov Sea
– Create a swimming marathon at the international level
– Involve amateur swimmers in the sports life of Ukraine and around the world
– Strengthen the friendship among swimmers and swimming clubs worldwide.

For more information on the new August 24th event, visit here and contact

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