Vansbrosimningen Started With 50 And Now Is Stamped

Vansbrosimningen Started With 50 And Now Is Stamped

The Swedish classic, Vansbrosimningen, started humbly and quietly with 50 participants in 1950.

And it has grown to over 14,000 swimmers in 2013.

That swim and incredible growth is now commemorated in a postage stamp as part of the Swedish Classics along with four other classic endurance races in Sweden (Vasaloppet, Vansbrosimningen, Engelbrektsloppet, Lidingöloppet and Vätternrundan).

To be released on January 16th, the multi-race Vansbrosimningen stamp designed by Henrik Karlsson will showcase Erik Strand of Hedemoravägen and Anders Olsson of Hagfors who both of completed Vansbrosimningen several times.

Strand was the 2005 winner of the event and Olsson is paralysed from the waist down and is a 3-time Paralympian. The Vansbrosimningen includes the 1.5 km Vansbro Halvsim, 1.5 km Vansbro Ungdomssim, 1 km Vansbro Kortsim, 1 km Vansbro Tjejsim and the 3 km Vansbrosimningen.

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