Vasa Is Trying To Catch Up

Vasa Is Trying To Catch Up

Vasa Is Trying To Catch Up

Courtesy of Rob Sleamaker, CEO & Founder, Vasa.

With pool and beaches closed from coast to coast across the United States due to the lockdowns, quarantines, and shelter-in-place quarantine, with an unknown end date, there is a growing demand for Vasa SwimErgs.

Rob Sleamaker, CEO & Founder of Vasa, is trying to meet the unprecedented demand. He penned a public response:

First of all, I want to thank the swimming community for their continued interest in and support of Vasa. That means more than you know to our entire team.

As I am sure you realize, the COVID-19 pandemic is seriously affecting our world. On March 25, the Governor of Vermont mandated that businesses like Vasa are “non-essential” and thus we were required to temporarily close our physical location operations. Vasa will not be able to continue production, accepting your orders and shipping our products until April 15 or later.

For the past 2 weeks, we were inundated with new customer orders for Vasa products, for which we are incredibly grateful. Our intrepid, dedicated team did their very best to fulfill orders by working efficiently and overtime every day. Unfortunately, the demand far exceeded our capacity to fulfill every order prior to the Governor’s decision.

The Vasa customer service team is working remotely during this shutdown. We ask for your patience as we answer your emails and messages in the order in which they were received. If you need to reach us, please send emails to

Once we are allowed, we will resume accepting orders, production and fulfillment. Out of fairness to all, we will continue adhering to our company policy of fulfilling orders on a first-come, first-served basis. Your business means a great deal to us and we look forward to serving you as soon as possible. Please complete this form (here) and we will notify you when the product you want is available again.

I encourage you to use the many resources on our website ( and YouTube channel. We will be posting new “how-to” content and workouts every week. We also offer some great free courses that you can use to work on improving your swimming, such as the Faster Freestyle course: Faster Freestyle Course.

If you already have a Vasa SwimErg or Vasa Trainer Pro, we just published a new 12-week training plan.

Finally, I want you to know that I am concerned for the safety of all Vasa employees, for my own children, family, friends, colleagues, and for you, too.

We need to take this day by day. I firmly believe that problems are opportunities to use our creativity. We will use this experience to improve our products and services for the good of all. Tough times also are opportunities to be reflective, to be grateful, and to simplify life to focus on what matters most.

Stay safe. Stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Stay positive!

Copyright © 2020 by Rob Sleamaker
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