Very Cool New Open Water Swimming Federation

Very Cool New Open Water Swimming Federation

It’s cold. Really cold. It’s dangerous. Real dangerous. It’s far. Real far.

And that is why they do it. Vito Bialla, Phil Cutti and their English Channel and Catalina Channel colleagues of the Night Train Swimmers have organized the Farallon Islands Swimming Federation.

The Farallon Islands Swimming Federation was created to organize and sanction all solo and relay swims from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge – something that only one person (Ted Erikson) has successfully achieved in the history of open water swimming, although one other person (Stuart Evans) successfully swam from the Farallones to the California mainland (north of the Golden Gate Bridge) in 1967.

The course, the rules, the escort boats, information on the Great White Sharks in the area and the strict prohibition of all neoprene are clearly spelled out in the new Farallon Islands Swimming Federation website.

The new Federation is ready to help anyone who wants to replicate the last successful swim in the area…in 1967…

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Steven Munatones