Victor Colonese, Betina Lorscheitter Win Race & Series

Victor Colonese, Betina Lorscheitter Win Race & Series

Courtesy of CBDA/Divulgação, Base Naval de Aratu, Brazil.

Victor Colonese and Betina Lorscheitter won their respective races and solidified their top national ranking at the XXIII Campeonato Brasileiro 10 km race held yesterday in Base Naval de Aratu, Inema.

Colonese won the 10 km Campeã Brasileira de Maratonas Aquáticas in 1 hour 58 minutes 38 seconds only 2 seconds ahead of Alexandre Finco and four seconds ahead of Henrique Figueirinha. “I was very happy with today’s result because it was a very strong race in the championship race. I am happy for the title of the 10 km in 2018 and also for good training for the [Brazilian] qualification race for [FINA World Championships in] South Korea, which will happen here a month here in that same place. I take this opportunity to congratulate the CBDA (Brazilian Confederation of Aquatic Sports) for its innovations.”

Lorscheitter won in similarly close fashion, finishing in 2 hours 17 minutes 3 seconds followed three seconds later by Aricia Peree and six seconds later by Marina Amorim. The long-time FINA competitor said, “I love to swim in Inema. I always swim well here. I am very happy with one more stage to take first and the title of the 2018 Brazilian Championship.”

Her victory came less than a month after she finished the longest race of her career, the 36 km Travessia do Leme ao Pontal in Rio de Janeiro in 8 hours 54 minutes.

2018 Men’s Rankings:
1. Victor Colonese 324 points
2. Alexandre Finco 318 points
3. Matheus Evangelista 236 points

2018 Women’s Rankings:
1. Betina Lorscheitter 308 points
2. Marina Amorim 199 points
3. Eduarda dos Santos 183 points

2018 Team Rankings:
1. Grêmio Náutico União 3,709 points
2. Esperia Club 2,764 points
3. Ass Cultural Esportiva Braskem 1,388 points

Henrique Figueirinha, Enzo Putinati, Aricia Peree, and Marina Amorim will represent Brazil at the 2019 South American Youth Championship that will be held in Chile.

Lorscheitter also won the 5 km Campeã Brasileira de Maratonas Aquáticas.

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