Virtual Swim-Paddle-Row From Long Beach to Tokyo

Virtual Swim-Paddle-Row From Long Beach to Tokyo

Courtesy of Lucy Johnston, Long Beach, California.

Aquatic Capital of America is offering the 2021 Virtual Swim-Paddle-Row from Long Beach to Tokyo in anticipation of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Lucy Johnson, a long-time event director and coach from Long Beach, California, describes the virtual event, “For 30 days starting July 9th and ending on August 8th, our goal is to cumulatively train more than 5,486 miles (8,829 km) from the Port of Long Beach to the Port of Tokyo in order to arrive in time for the Closing Ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Last year, the participants in our Virtual Swim-Paddle-Row Long Beach to Hawaii during the month of August accumulated just under 16 million yards (slightly over 14,484 km), enough to go from Long Beach to Honolulu, back to Long Beach, and across the Pacific one more time to Maui.

Johnson explains the process, “Just record each day how far you travel by swimming, rowing or paddling (any craft). We have the honor system for your distance. There is no need to do this every day, but a special 30-day medal is up for grabs for each person who records their distance for each of the 30 days. It is a great way to train for our Naples Island Swims on August 15th. 75% of the net proceeds will go to the Aquatic Capital’s Waterproof Our Youth© program to pay swim lesson fees for underserved youth in Long Beach.”

Registration is open here. The 2021 S-P-R Facebook Group page is here. For more information, visit Aquatic Capital of America.

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