Vito Bialla On Terra Firma

Vito Bialla On Terra Firma

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

With his togs on, he is known as a cold-water swimmer and channel relay swimmer. With his shades on, he is known as an escort pilot. With a GPS in his hands, he is known as a navigator. As a fund-raiser extraordinaire, he is known as a Night Train Swimmer.

But with a coat and tie on, Vito Bialla (shown on the far left in the second row) is well established as one of the premier Executive Search Consultants in America.

Together with his fellow directors (Allan Marks of Australia, Horst Neller of Germany, Martin McEvoy of Ireland, Nelo Sekler of Venezuela, Lionel Teng of Singapore, Paul Rossignol of France, Adolfo Gonzales of Peru, and Colleen Kucera of the U.S.A.), Bialla helps manage and guide Signium International, a renowned global executive search consulting firm.

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