¡Viva España en la Mancha!

¡Viva España en la Mancha!

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Jose Diaz of Nadandolibre wrote an article about four Spanish swimmers who have successfully crossed the English Channel in recent years.

Read about Jaime Caballero (shown in lower left in photo), Selina Moreno (upper left), Laura Lopez (upper right) and Miquel Suñer (lower right) here in Spanish, following in the wake of the first Spaniards who crossed in 1958 (Montserrat Treserras (14 hours 14 minutes) and Josè Vitos Natal (15 hours 11 minutes).

Jose writes, “No es el lugar mas bonito de el planeta (there is no more beautiful place on the planet)…

no hay aguas cristalinas (there are no dolphins)…pero su magia hipnotiza a todos los amantes de la natación de larga distancia (but its magic hypnotizes all lovers of marathon swimming)…

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