Vote For Duality: The War For Existence

Vote For Duality: The War For Existence

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Ted Erikson, now 87, may be swimming a little less, less fast, and less often, but he is still quite active intellectually, pecking away at his keyboard and working on essays.

Erikson submitted an essay (see link here) to FQXi in a contest to be rated by the general and technically-oriented public. Ratings by the lay people and tech experts determine the 8 prizes that range upwards to US$10,000 for the FQXi Essay Contest entitled, Trick or Truth: The Mysterious Connection between Physics and Mathematics.

I use my swimming in light of my son, Jon’s death, geometry, and thermodynamic expertise to define a working theory of panpsychism.”

Erik son offers, “I can send the complete 10-page paper on the Duality, The War for Existence
Steven Munatones