Warming Up For The Winter Swimming Championships

Warming Up For The Winter Swimming Championships

Cecilia Schutte from South Africa will be heading northwards…very north.

The first woman to complete an ice mile has entered into the Winter Swimming Championships in Rovaniemi, Finland next week.

While she has proven herself time and time again in extreme conditions, she still remains respectful of the conditions in Rovaniemi. “I am pretty nervous as first time I will be sprinting in ice water as opposed to doing a mile in the water. But I am very excited to meet like-minded people there.”

But she is not just sprinting her events at the Winter Swimming Championships, she is also planning a mile swim further north in Finland.

The community worker and recipient of the Gordon Pugh Memorial Trophy for the Most Outstanding Swim of the Year given by the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association is ready to go with a characteristically warm smile on her face.

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Steven Munatones