Warming Up To The Atlantic Dash

Warming Up To The Atlantic Dash

The inaugural 5.3 km Atlantic Dash, postponed for a week due to unsafe conditions, got off on misty and cold conditions with the water temperature between 12-12.5°C (53.6-54.5°F).

All swimmers were accompanied by paddlers with shark shields on their crafts,” explained race director Theodore Yach about the coastal swim from Clifton Fourth Beach to Three Anchor Bay in Cape Town, South Africa.

Conducted in a heavy mist, the men’s race was won by Philip Emslie while Emma Alsop was victorious on the women’s side with the respective times of 1:15:30 and 1:21:19.

Emslie who has also participated in the Speedo Ice Swim like the others, had no real problems with the cool waters.

Dr Sean Gottschalk, the Race Medical Officer, provided the following data and report on the 16 swimmers: On completion of the event, 15 swimmers showed clinical evidence of mild hypothermia.

All were rewarmed with basic manoeuvres (warm clothes, hot drinks, etc.) One swimmer had moderate hypothermia and required prolonged rewarming (including multiple thermal and space blankets). The swimmer was successfully rewarmed on site and discharged from further care.

Tympanic thermometry was used with a low-reading tympanic device. The average pre-race temperature 36.5ºC (97.7ºF); the post-race average was 33.2ºC (91.7ºF) with an overall average drop of 3.3ºC (6ºF) recorded.

The race results follow:

1. Philip Emslie (age 28) 1:15:30
2. Emma Alsop (35) 1:21:19
3. Keith Struthers (54) 1:27:00
4. Ryan Stramrood (39) 1:32:04
5. Heinrich Langer (38) 1:32:11
6. Luke Wightman (45) 1:32:52
7. Buff van Westenbrugge (43) 1:33:03
8. Monika Hayes (49) 1:34:05
9. Raymond Connell (38) 1:38:35
10. Andrew Chin (43) 1:39:23
11. Tim Stiff (54) 1:41:55
12. Brendan Hiscock 1:42:18
13. Toks Viviers (50) 1:43:12
14. Mark de Klerk (33) 1:43:19
15. Sandi Sher (39) 1:57:25
16. Hazel McQueen (45) 1:57:28

Photo above shows a Labrador Retriever greeting swimmers as they emerged at the finish.

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