Warrior Kings Take To The Open Water In Ghana

Warrior Kings Take To The Open Water In Ghana

The Ghana Swimming Association will host its first National Open Water Swimming Championship next week on June 19th, starting at Chorkor Beach and finishing at James Town Beach (shown below).

The western African country whose means Warrior King will hold its national championships in the following age groups: 14-16, 17-18, 19 & over in 5 km, 7.5 km and 10 km races.

The top swimmers from these qualification races will be selected to represent Ghana at the 1st FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships in Welland, Canada from August 16th – 19th.

Additionally, an open water swimming clinic will be held and the top senior swimmers (19 & over) for other international open water swimming competitions.

The Greater Accra Sports Director, Saka Acquaye, who spearheaded the drive is urging the hosts, organizers, athletes, administrators and coaches to focus on raising the standards and awareness of swimming in Ghana. Acquaye is visionary who wants Ghana to restore its lost prominence in swimming with the goal to make swimming popular once again.

Acquaye and his colleagues saw the need to protect and educate people at swimming pools and the beaches. Through their efforts, they have trained life guards, initiated regulations related to safety at swimming pools and beaches, and developed means to develop swimming as a competitive sport and lifeguards in the country.

One of the results has been the establishment of the Life Savers and Swimmers Association that work together with the Youth Policy of the Ministry of Youth and Sports with the following goals:

1. Develop a training program for life savers and swimmers
2. Create employment for life savers
3. Encourage aquatic recreation
4. Train with other professionals including the Ghana navy
5. Distribute the knowledge throughout Ghana and neighboring regions

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