Washed Ashore, Art To Save The Sea

Washed Ashore, Art To Save The Sea

Beach clean-up campaigns and marine plastic trash events are held around the world. The trash and rubbish is usually picked up on beaches and shorelines – and then hauled off.

But the Washed Ashore Project is different. The Washed Ashore Project encourages ocean conservation through inspiring people with their art.

The Washed Ashore Project creates beautiful sculptures of colorful marine animals – built by trash along the seashore. The plastic is picked up and sorted by size and color by volunteers, and used by artists to create the sculptures. charming installations that are currently touring in Tennessee, Michigan, and elsewhere.

The Washed Ashore Project started in 2010. 14,000+ volunteers have cleaned 300 miles of beaches, and processed 60,000 pounds of trash in their beach clean-ups that eventually has led to 86 works of art (e.g., Flash the Blue MarlinGertrude the PenguinChompers the SharkStanley the Sturgeon, and the American Sea Star). “It’s an ugly problem with a beautiful solution,” says Brad Parks, the Conservation/Education Director at Washed Ashore.

For more information, visit www.washedashore.org.

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