WATCH OUT!  Catalina Channel Observer Training

WATCH OUT! Catalina Channel Observer Training

The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation will hold its next safety training sessions on May 1st in San Diego and May 7th in Los Angeles, California.

CPR and First Aid will be taught as the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation strengthens its safety measures.

Its Observer Training will focus on fundamentals and several alterations in the rules and on-board safety equipment. This season, the Federation will supply an AED, a lifeguard rescue tube, and kayak throw bags.

Renowned channel swimmers will host the sessions at their homes. International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee Carol Sing will host the safety seminar at her home on May 1st in San Diego and fellow inductee John York will host the second seminar at his home on May 7th.

Participants need a copy of their U.S. Masters Swimming or USA Swimming membership card. In return for their focused participation, attendees will receive a Catalina Channel Swimming Federation Observer Tool Kit, a 2011 membership and CPR certification. Sessions start with CPR, First Aid and AED session in the morning at 9:00 am and are followed by the Observer course until 4:00 pm.

Upon the first observation, the expense of CPR certification can be reimbursed, along with your observer expenses such as fuel, food, and lodging.

Sounds like an unbelievable deal – meet some of the finest channel swimmers in the world, soak up their knowledge, enjoy their insights, get certified and help out fellow marathon swimmers.

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Steven Munatones