Watching And Wondering About The Ocean

Watching And Wondering About The Ocean

Courtesy of International Ocean Film Festival.

This year’s International Ocean Film Festival will showcase over 80 films about the ocean from 17 countries between April 15th and May 2nd. The film range in themes including Coastal Communities and Culture, Ocean Exploration, Shark Conservation, Whales, Female Directors, Marine Ecosystems and Restoration.

Pre-sale tickets are available here. The film catalog is posted here.

The festival includes Descent, a documentary film about Dutch ice freediver Kiki Bosch who dives in the world’s coldest waters without a wetsuit as therapy for a trauma she experienced, and to inspire others. She finds calmness and peace in the coldest water while she searches out new places, even feeling at home under the ice exploring the seabed. But there is a downside.

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