Water Polo Cruise For Croatia Earthquake Relief

Water Polo Cruise For Croatia Earthquake Relief

Courtesy of Ivan Vranjes, Water Polo Cruise, Croatia.

Ivan Vranjes and Mateo Jurić are water polo coaches and aquapreneurs who manages two projects, Water Polo Cruise and Swim Cruise in Croatia.

The two partners in Water Polo Cruise reported, “Sisak, Petrinja and surrounding area was hit with a devastating 6.4 magnitude earthquake that destroyed many lives in an instant. Earthquakes and tremors are still hitting that area and people have experienced hundreds of earthquakes in the just few days. Fear and hopelessness are everywhere.

Almost 30 years ago this area was devastated by the war and people were forced to leave their homes as the enemy artillery and grenades have destroyed most of them. They thought that leaving their homes will be temporary. However, they have lived in the exile for 4 years. When they returned they have rebuilt their homes. 

Unfortunately, their homes are destroyed once again. But this time people are staying by their homes and refuse to leave the area. The resilient people of Sisak, Petrinja and surrounding areas are rebuilding their homes even though the earth continues to shake daily. 

We have teamed up with VK Siscia (a water polo club in Sisak) to distribute help to their club members and their families that were left without their homes overnight. We ask to help raise funds for these people that have suffered unbelievable losses.”

The devastation can be seen here:

GoFundMe campaign to help victims of a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Croatia

To donate, visit here (Water Polo Cruise for Croatian earthquake relief).

For more information about Water Polo Cruise, visit here.

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