Watermans® Applied Science Is A Stirling Product

Watermans® Applied Science Is A Stirling Product

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

We go through sunscreen like we go through goggles, especially since our offices are located in Huntington Beach in Southern California and we nearly always train in outdoor pools when we are not swimming or surfing in the oceans or running or paddling along the shorelines of the world.

What we look for in sunscreens are products that are effective and long-lasting in the water; products that do not run in our eyes while on the shore, in a boat, on a paddle board, or in a kayak. These products should also not make our face look white or make our hands slippery or make sand stick to our skin.

Watermans® Applied Science meets our simple criteria quite well.

Plus Watermans® just came out with new packaging of their Aqua-Armor product that we can connect to our bag. This is an important point as we never have to always been digging inside our bag to find our sunscreen.

Co-founded by Pete Stirling, a Southern Californian paddle boarder and waterman extraordinaire, the product has its origins in his sink where he started to formulate the most long-lasting sunscreen for his cross-Catalina Channel paddling crossings.

For more information on the Watermans® Applied Science’s products, visit here or the Aqua-Armor, Lip Balm, and Face Stick pages.

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