Wayne William Snellgrove Swimming Far, Fast, Furious

Wayne William Snellgrove Swimming Far, Fast, Furious

Courtesy of Wayne William Snellgrove, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Wayne William Snellgrove described his open water swimming workout, South Florida style where he performed it several times in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale.

The workout we did below was an all-day workout. We started of with a 1.2-hour swim bench workout.

Then we did a beach run of 3 miles and then did a swim across Port Everglades while dodging in/outgoing water craft.

Then another 5.5-mile beach run up to Commercial pier. At the pier, we jumped into the water and swim back to Port Everglades for a swim back across the Port Everglades.

Then we run a mile, swam a mile, and run a mile all the way back to Hollywood Beach

They finished off the workout with the following mind-boggling set:

Swim 10,000 (get your 9,000 split)
Swim 9,000 (beat your 9,000 split and get you 8,000 split)
Swim 8,000 (beat your 8,000 split and get your 7,000 split)
Swim 7,000 (beat your 7,000 split and get your 6,000 split)
Swim 6,000 (beat your 6,000 split, get your 5,000 split)
Swim 5,000 (beat your 5,000 split, get your 4,000 split)
Swim 4,000 (beat your 4,000 split, get your 3,000 split)
Swim 3,000 (beat your 3,000, split, get your 2,000 split)
Swim 2,000 (beat your 2,000 split, get your 1,000 split)
Swim 1,000 (beat your 1,000 split, get 500 split)
Swim 500 beat your 500 split…

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