We All Deserve Better

We All Deserve Better

An appeal and a suggestion distributed to local and national swimming coaches around the world, courtesy of John Leonard of the World Swimming Coaches Association.

Everywhere I travel I hear from Coaches and Athletes that there is building frustration with FINA and its decision making process. I see FINA as a Fake Democracy.

Fake because the Congress makes rules (often “guided” by the Bureau) and then the FINA office appears to ignore those rules…in Anti-Doping, in award procedures, and various other operations.

But, 208 of 208 Federations are “happy” with FINA… IF the “Federation” is defined as the 2-3-4-5 people at the top who benefit directly from FINA largesse on travel, accommodations and assistance. UNTIL THE FEDERATIONS express discontent with the FINA culture and operation, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

Each day, for the past month, I have emailed the details of all communications expressing discontent with FINA to the International Relations Committee and the Board of Directors of USA Swimming, who, in my country, will ultimately decide whether or not to Confront FINA with our dissatisfaction. I do this so those bodies are FULLY INFORMED ON ALL THINGS FINA and thus can make appropriate decisions.

I ask each of you to consider WHO is doing that in your country?

Send the materials to your Board of Directors! IF you are unable to do so for security or similar reasons, feel free to send ME the email list of your own Board of Directors and I will send materials to them similar to what I am doing in the USA.

BUT, it is much more powerful if in each country, a coach takes the responsibility of educating his/her countrymen.

We need to educate those who can make change. If they refuse to see the truth and act on it, they will eventually find themselves in the dustbin of sports history.

We all deserve better.

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