Weather Leads To Delay Of Cadiz Freedom Swim

Weather Leads To Delay Of Cadiz Freedom Swim

The hundreds of swimmers, including some of the top international elite, had to wait another day to race in the 7.5km Cadiz Freedom Swim in South Africa. Due to weather, the swim from the famous island prison Robben Island was postponed and moved to Big Bay.

The swimmers will swim 7-9K in Bay Bay instead of the planned prison island swim.

While swimmers are always disappointed when Mother Nature causes a race to be postponed, modified or cancelled, reason and safety prevail – and everyone will be prepared to swim for another day. And because the Cadiz Freedom Swim is an extreme swim, a contingency day is always part of the plan.

Cadiz CEO, Ram Barkai, founder of the International Ice Swimming Association, is shown above.aid the chairman of th water swims) and a field of about 140 solos and 260 relay swimmers is expected. “This event celebrates South Africa’s freedom and the role played by Robben Island in achieving democracy in South Africa. The Island is an integral partner.

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Steven Munatones