Weighing In At The Chris Lake Swim

Weighing In At The Chris Lake Swim

Coach Charlie Tupitza did an interesting study comparing the pre- and post-race weights of the swimmers at the Chris Greene 2-mile Swim.

Coach Charlie took a weight scale to the race and asked swimmers to weigh in prior to the race and as soon as they get out – before hydrating in the 87°F (30.5°C) water with an air temperature of 90°F (32.2°C).

The results were surprising to some and not surprising to others. In particular, Jim Thorton, who got second in the men’s 55-59 year old division in , started the race at 187 pounds (84.8 kg). “Out of lake in 46:32 later, I weighed 182. Five pints of Virginia sweet tea later, I weighed 187.”

Other swimmers who Coach Charlie measured lost between 2-3 pounds (0.9-1.36 kg).

Compared with other land-based endurance sports like triathlons and marathon runs that was previously noted here, the weight loss experienced at the Chris Greene Lake Swim is significantly greater – especially surprising when the duration of the swims is much shorter.

At the elite marathon swimming competitions, dehydration is avoided by taking gel packs during the race and being provided hydration by their coaches on floating feeding pontoons (see example from the 2010 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships).

Photos of the race are here

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