West Indies Bluewater Swim Series Enters Its Second Year

West Indies Bluewater Swim Series Enters Its Second Year

The recently established West Indies Bluewater Swim Series is launching its second year of high-quality open water swim races in the Caribbean Sea.

The Swim Series links together four premier races in four tropical island paradises, each one providing everyone from world-class competitors to newcomers with exceptional opportunities to experience the thrill of swimming through warm, blue water along beautiful beaches.

Kicking off the series on March 25th is the StarMile2.5 Nevis~St Kitts Cross-Channel Swim between sister islands of Nevis and St. Kitts. This channel swim offers a unique inter-island swim challenge that is a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Next is the St. John Beach-to-Beach Power Swim on May 27th with something for everyone. The multi-race event features three different distances: 1 mile, 2.25 miles and 3.5 miles, as well as relays, along the stunning beach-dotted coast of the US National Park of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

This is followed by the Turks & Caicos Race for the Conch EcoSeaSwim on July 7th in the gorgeous turquoise waters of Grace Bay on Providenciales (or “Provo”). Swimmers can choose a 2.4-mile swim in the first part of the morning or a subsequent 1-mile swim – or do both back-to-back and get in two races on the same day.

Rounding out the series is the historical Maracas Open Water Classic in Trinidad on September 23rd that offers 750m, 2.65K and 5K races. With jungle covered hills sloping down to Maracas Bay on the north coast of Trinidad, this long-running swim has to be one of the most exotic anywhere.

Each race is independently managed, but all share the common goal of proudly spotlighting the Caribbean Region as a major open water swim destination for racing and training. All races consistently attract international swim stars from around the world that makes for great competition, but they also extend a warm welcome to those who only strive to do their personal best and enjoy the camaraderie of other open water swimmers.

Swimmers are encouraged to participate in more than one race to experience the span and diversity of Caribbean region swimming. A special prize is given to those who participate in all four swim races. For more information on the West Indies Bluewater Swim Series and each race, log on to www.westindiesswimseries.com.

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Steven Munatones