A Whale Of A Good Time For Luane Rowe

A Whale Of A Good Time For Luane Rowe

It was another big finish for Luane Rowe.

A week before winning the Cole Classic in Sydney and a free trip to Vanuata for the Vanuatu Ocean Swim in Port Vila on June 12th, 20-year-old Luane Rowe won the 35th annual 2.5K Macquarie Big Swim from Palm Beach to Whale Beach.

With her 33 minute 49 second victory among 1,831 finishers, she will be packing her bags to compete in the annual Waikiki Roughwater Swim – with roughwater being the operative word.

It was choppy out there for the whole race, but it was good I like it choppy. The win means my flights, accommodation and entry to the Hawaii event are paid for.”

16-year-old Josh Beard won the men’s division at the The Macquarie Big Swim.

Under perfect conditions, four lucky swimmers at the The Macquarie Big Swim will also be saying aloha to their Australia counterparts. Bronte Sloan and Nick Dyer won a free trip to the Vanuatu Ocean Swim in June while Michael Lamb and Susan Nicolson were the happy Fiji Ocean Swim in October.

Dramatic footage of The Macquarie Big Swim is here:

Men’s Results
1. Josh Beard, 31:30
2. Michael Gilbert, 31:49
3. Daniel Kowalski, 33:00

Women’s Results
1. Luane Rowe, 33:49
2. Jessica Glew, 33:52
3. Louise Stevenson, 33:53

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