What A Rush!  Circumnavigating Cayman

What A Rush! Circumnavigating Cayman

Oliver Rush completed an unprecedented non-stop solo circumnavigation swim around the island of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. The British open water swimmer from Dorset completed the 95.5 km environmental swim in 36 hours 59 minutes on May 17th.

He explained his motivation, “I aim to raise awareness to combat plastic pollution. Plastic Free Cayman and Project Planet hosted a series of community events leading up to the pioneering attempt. These efforts aimed to raise vital funds to keep individuals on the ground actively fighting plastic pollution in the Cayman Islands. This Project will educate, raise awareness, and encourage people to take action against this destruction force that affects all our lives.”

Rush estimated that his swim would take him between 25 – 30 hours to complete, but it ended up taking slightly longer than his estimate. His escort pilot was Jon Dobbin and Jen WardmanClaire Hughes, and Chance Eaton were primary event coordinators together with a team of like-minded volunteers. 

To learn more, visit Project Planet. For more information, email plasticfreecayman@gmail.com.

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