What Are Really Good Open Water Swimming Places?

What Are Really Good Open Water Swimming Places?

In discussions among open water swimming enthusiasts around the world, people occasionally discuss great open water swimming venues, from Malta, Messina and Melbourne to Dover, Cayman Islands and Cape Town …

How does the open water swimming community define outstanding venues?

It is our guess that everyone has different parameters to define their ideal venue. Some parameters may include the following:

1. Year-round conditions
2. Summer conditions
3. Abundance or absence of marine life. If marine life is known, how does the abundance or absence of sharks, dolphins, turtles, jellyfish, Portuguese man o’ war positively or negatively affect the rankings?
4. Abundance or absence of rough conditions. If rough conditions are prevalent, how does ocean swells, wind chop, large surf, strong tidal flows and currents positively or negatively affect the rankings?
5. Range or lack of range of water temperatures
6. Availability of showers
7. Availability of parking
8. Availability of lifeguards
9. Ease of bringing in kayaks, paddle boards or escort watercraft to the venue
10. Availability of food concessions
11. Proximity to medical care
12. Possible number of course layouts (out-and-back, point-to-point, along-the-shore, geometrical)
13. Clarity of the water
14. Quality of the water
15. Availability of mobile phone reception
16. Degree of natural beauty such as coral reefs, rocky shorelines, fauna, flora, sunsets, sunrises
17. Degree of man-made beauty such a resort hotels, long piers, rock jetties, breakwaters, boardwalks, skyline
18. Availability of online information, provided by webcams or sensors on piers or nautical buoys
20. Other swimmers or clubs in the area. How does the existence of a triathlon club or kayak club or stand-up paddling club differ from an open water swimming club or a focused marathon swimming club
Are there other parameters that might interest a marathon swimmer focused on an English Channel attempt or a young open water swimmer training for short summer swim?

The global open water swimming community’s input is greatly valued.

Photo shows La Jolla Cove in San Diego, California, U.S.A., a popular year-round open water swimming venue where many channel swimmers workout.

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Steven Munatones