What Does Ben Lecomte Do Way Out In The Pacific Ocean?

What Does Ben Lecomte Do Way Out In The Pacific Ocean?

What Did Ben Lecomte Do For 160 Days In The Pacific?

Courtesy of Ben Lecomte, Pacific Ocean.

Ben Lecomte attempted a transpacific solo stage swim from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco, California across the Pacific Ocean.

En route before The Swim was aborted due to safety concerns and a damaged escort boat mast, Lecomte gave a speech about what he faced every day on the Pacific.

Lecomte swam 2,822 km during his 160 days on the Pacific, well short of his goal of 8,721 km across the world’s largest body of water.

After making a decision to abort The Swim, Lecomte and his crew headed to the closest landmass which was Hawaii. On his 191st day, they finally reached Oahu and had already set in plans for The Vortex Swim, a 300 nautical mile stage swim through the highest concentration of human-made discarded plastic in the world, located in the Pacific Ocean through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 2019.

For more information about The Vortex Swim, visit here.

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