What Is Biathle?

What Is Biathle?

Biathle or modern biathlon is a sub-sport of modern pentathlon that was created as training and racing opportunities for the run and swim parts of pentathlon.

Biathle is an event that involves a run, swim, and run. The legs are raced with continuous transitions as in a triathlon.

The race length is usually 200m swim and 3 km run, but its distances can vary according to the venue and competition. Its rules are governed by the Union International de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM).

The swimming event is held in natural or artificial bodies of water. The swim course should be reasonably protected from potential adverse weather conditions. For sea or lake events, the course must be designed so that safety monitor positions and mobile evacuation units can be stationed and operate from all sides of the course.

The swim course may be a point-to-point or an out-and-back course. If the course is an out-and-back course, a separation lane will divide swimmers heading out and those coming back.

Every item carried during any part of the competition (e.g. goggles, cap, water bottle, etc), must be carried throughout. Any athlete disposing of or handing over any item will incur a 10-second penalty to be added upon crossing the finish line.

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