What Is Really Out There?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

We remember the first time that we saw American football star Marcellus Wiley swim in a pool. He thrashed and he splashed. He certainly moved, but not necessarily in the forward motion.

Throughout his career as one of the best football players in America, he had always started each play by taking in a big breath of air and then holding his breath until the play was over. It was the ultimate in hypoxia – always playing while never breathing.

But he had big goals: to swim more than one mile in the ocean. He had to learn how to move much more gracefully and conquers his lifelong fears of swimming in open water.

Ultimately, through the dint of his passion and self-motivation, he was able to swim well enough to compete in the OptimusSport Distance Swim Challenge in Santa Monica, California. He explains his journey in the short documentary above.

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Steven Munatones