What Is The Triathlon World's Perspective?

What Is The Triathlon World’s Perspective?

The open water swimming world, from a perspective of marketing a particular lifestyle, governing the sport, branding an extreme activity, obtaining sponsorship and supporting its athletes, can learn much from the triathlon world.

While commercialization of open water swimming is not the specific focus or desire of many swimmers, the advantages of commercialization are well-known and numerous.

With more sponsorship and media coverage, races in size, number and budgets can grow. This gives more opportunities for open water swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to enjoy the sport. With growth, race directors can offer more services for athletes, from additional safety boats to onshore massages. With additional financial support, more athletes can be given the opportunity to challenge themselves in more solo swims and relays.

Andrew Messick, the CEO of the World Triathlon Corporation, gave a recent speech that touched upon various points of interest and issue in the triathlon world. Many points have relevance to the growing open water swimming community. Among his various topics, he discusses bringing in additional media interest and new participants into the sport and participation by heroes like Lance Armstrong.

Interesting talk…

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