What Is Your RealAge?

What Is Your RealAge?

Swimming exercises the entire body and is a great stress reliever. “When you swim, you have to focus on what you are doing,” says Borut Strel. “And you can forget the worries that you face on land. If someone is very overweight, they may not be able to walk upstairs or jog, but they can start exercising in the water.”

The smiles, the euphoria, the confidence that life-long swimmers show are evident on pool decks and shorelines of the world.

Swimmers seem to be very comfortable in their own skin and leading lifestyles that are well-suited to a healthy, long existence on terra firma and the aquatic environment.

Dr. Mehmet Oz offers an online RealAge portal where visitors answer questions and are given an estimate of their relative age. RealAge provides a simple, scientific gauge of two things: how healthy you are and how fast you are aging.

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Steven Munatones