What Kind Of Swimmer Are You?

What Kind Of Swimmer Are You?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Are you playful? Big? A sprinter? Built for long distance? Just float along?

Are you playful? Do people view you as highly intelligent? Do you like swimming in pods and skimming through the surf? Do you like to eat all kinds of fish and squid? Do people call you smart? If so, you are more of a dolphin-type swimmer.

Are you abnormally large? Are you the largest swimmer in your lane or in your pod? Can you blow big bubbles under water and squirt long streams of water by squeezing your hands together? Do you have lots of smaller friends who like to hang around you? Do you like to eat massive amounts of little tasty things? If you, you are more of a whale-like swimmer.

Are you respected and authoritative? Do you just do your own thing most of the time, but when you want something, nothing will stop you? Are you inherently cool, calm and collected, but can be ruthless and focused when the time is right? Is your physique just plain old solid and do you have an extraordinarily strong sense of smell? If so, you are more of a Great White Shark-type swimmer.

Do you just go with the flow? Is your direction in life dictated by outside factors? Do you hang around in large groups of like-minded friends? Do you simply go where the winds take you? Do you find yourself being somewhat mindless at times? If so, you are more of a moon jellie-type swimmer.

Are you built for long, slow swims? Are you inherently mellow and can easily roll with the punches? Are you family-oriented and like to stroll slowly on the beach? Do you come from a line of long-lived relatives? Do things tend to roll off your back? Do people tell you that you have a hard exterior? If so, you are more of a sea turtle-type swimmer.

Are you a stand-up type of person? Do you find yourself standing up for other people or issues? Do you think of yourself as highly unique with a completely different look than others around you? If so, you are more of a sea horse-type swimmer.

Do you like to build things or make things? Do you start something and always see it to the finish? Do you prefer rivers and lakes over seas and oceans? Do you like doing things communally and collectively? Are you as comfortable in the water as on land? Are you mechanically-oriented? If so, you are more of a beaver-like swimmer.

Do you just love to mellow out and take things in as they come? Do you enjoy lying around and observing life as it happens? Do you tend to look ahead and keep your eyes open? Can you sprint when necessary and wrestle with the best of them when the time is right? Do people tell you that you have short limbs and a long body? When you want something, do you simply not let go? If so, you are more of an alligator-type swimmer.

Do you love to play around and enjoy messing with your buddies in the water? Can you fall asleep anywhere, including just floating on the water? Can you hold your breath for a long time? Do you like diving down to the ocean floor? Do you like swimming around kelp beds? Do you have a strong kick? If so, you are more of a sea otter-type of swimmer.

Are you big and husky? Can you withstand cold water temperatures and love hanging around jetties and rocky coastlines? Do you like hanging around group and just barking out your opinions to like-minded friends? Are you much more agile and comfortable in the water rather than on land? Is your skin wrinkled due to so much marine and sun exposure? If so, you are more of a walrus-type swimmer.

Do you find yourself always in a crowd? Do you dress in basically black and white all year-round? Do you love the cold and freezing water temperatures, but can also swim just as well in warmer conditions? Do you find yourself spending half your life in the water? Are you as graceful in the water as you are slow-footed on land? If so, you are a penguin-type swimmer.

Are you equally as comfortable in fresh water as you are in salt water? Do you find yourself frequently swimming upstream and against the current? Are you fiercely determined to reach your goals no matter what obstacles that you face? Are you a good jumper? Are you really good at swimming in really rough water? If so, you are a salmon-like swimmer.

Are you as tough as they come? Are you small and go unnoticed until you make yourself known? Are you focused and considered to have the strongest punch in the smallest body? Are you photo-phobic and rise to the occasion at night? Do you like taking on opponents who are significantly larger than you? Are you simply feared? If so, you are more of a box jellyfish-type swimmer.

Do you have peripheral vision like no other? Do you like swimming in giant loops in the ocean with your buddies? Do you swim steadily and slowly without any need for fast, quick motions? Do you look at you strangely? Do people tell you that you have a unique look? Do you like swimming in big packs? If so, you are more of a hammerhead shark-type swimmer.

It takes all types to make up the global open water swimming community.

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Steven Munatones