What Size Is Your Swim Cap?

What Size Is Your Swim Cap?

What size do you wear?

That question is nearly always raised when buying swimsuits, clothes or shoes.

But while you can always adjust your goggles, mold silicon ear plugs to fit your ear drum, and get the optimally fitted swimsuit, what is it about swim caps?

There is just not the demand from the market for specifically sized swim caps.

Just wondering.

Just wondering because there are plenty of swimmers who have larger-than-normal heads. The circumference of their heads makes standard size swim caps problematic. Regular-sized caps simply do not stay on their head. They are always re-adjusting as the cap tends to slide off. Ultimately, they get annoyed and the too-small cap comes off. In other cases, the swim caps can never cover their ears which can feel uncomfortable in cold water.

Photo courtesy of MYO Swimwear.

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Steven Munatones