What Stays In Las Vegas Gets Posted All Over

What Stays In Las Vegas Gets Posted All Over

Members of the U.S. Masters Swimming clubs from Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, Idaho, Alabama, Hawaii, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Montana, North Carolina, Oregon, and Wyoming headed to Lake Mead in Las Vegas, stripped down to their swimsuits, and had a blast.

The T-shaped course, the post-race cupcakes, the in-the-water-sort-of feeding station, the warm tranquil water, and the camaraderie of adult swimmers from the ages of 18 to 70 made their trip well worth it. And nothing to hide.

The Swim Las Vegas-hosted event, designed by Paul Fritz and directed by Kara Miller, offered 3 races: a 1-mile, a 5 km, and a 10 km national USMS championship. Bill May (2:08:38) and Lexie Kelly (2:14:49) were the overall winners in the 10 km national championship. Ricardo Valdivia (2:14:41) and Yan Cardinau (2:15:00) filled out the men’s side of the 10 km podium, with Kara Tracey (2:20:01) and Alexis Underwood (2:22:26) joining Kelly on the women’s side of the equation.

Eric Marnoch (1:09:40), Erik Dailey (1:14:40), and Edward Waldron (1:19:00) took the top 3 places in the men’s 5 km race, with Kari Adams (1:14:21), Denise Hearst (1;15:54), and Becky Cleavenger (1:17:00) finishing 1-2-3 in the women’s 5 km.

In the 1-mile race, Kelsey Dickson (24:03), Susan Cushman (29:02), and Beth Rosenblum (33:38) were the fastest females, with James Huff (24:34), Tom Uslan (26:31), and Jeff Devins (27:18) finishing as the top men under warm, cloudless skies.

We cannot thank Paul Fritz enough,” explains race director Kara Miller. “There are no words to express our gratitude for the long long hours you put into facilitating this event and. From the course design, to the buoy set up, to the timing you are an incredibly generous and humble leader.

I also hope the swimmers relished in the desert landscape, the refreshing water, the near-perfect conditions, their pre- and post-race massages from Massage Envy, those delicious cupcakes from CAKED LAS VEGAS and their silicone swim caps from Dr. Donna Woo. You are all an inspiring group of people

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