What To Do When Shipwrecked

What To Do When Shipwrecked

If there is any group of individuals who are best suited for a shipwreck, it is open water swimmers.

With their proven ability to swim in all conditions, along with their knowledge of the open water and, in the case of marathon swimmers, the ability to withstand pain and endure under mentally challenging conditions, open water swimmers seem to have a particularly high probability to survive a shipwreck.

But there is so much involved in a shipwreck: where? how far from land? with who? injuries? with what provisions (or not)? what water and weather conditions?

In a life-and-death situation, a calm mind and physical endurance are among the requisite tools because the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. What is ahead of those stranded in the middle of the ocean is frankly unknown. Survivors are tested like never before, often facing the temptation to simply give up. The trials and tribulations faced require faith in one’s decisions and an unwavering belief that the outcome is well worth the short-term suffering.

Matt Bushlow very interestingly writes about the basics, his recommendations and then some for Wired Magazine here.

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