What Was Happening 5 Years Ago In The Open Water?

What Was Happening 5 Years Ago In The Open Water?

What Was Happening 5 Years Ago In The Open Water?

Video courtesy of Henri Kaarma, Murmansk, Russia.

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming has been covering the sport since 2008 – and before that on various platforms including 10Kswim.com.

From historical accounts and equipment reviews to unprecedented swims to lists of luminaries in the sport, the Daily News of Open Water Swimming cover a wide spectrum of personalities and perspectives of the sport.

The most popular articles from the Daily News of Open Water Swimming archives from 2015 include the following:

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2. World’s 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Women
3. Henri Kaarma, 2014 World Open Water Swimming Man Of The Year
4. The Greatest Watermen In Open Water Swimming History
5. Top 10 Competitive Open Water Races In America
6. 63-year-old Jim Clifford Does The Triple Crown
7. Absolutely Painful Open Water Swims Of The 21st Century
8. World’s Top 100 Open Water Swims In History
9. Historic Aquatic Park May Be Lost To Commercial Interests
10. Nominees For The 2015 WOWSA Awards
11. Dr. Nataliya Fatyanova, 2014 World Open Water Swimming Woman Of The Year
12. When Almost Is Good Enough
13. Blast In Barbados Bay
14. Goggles That Guide You In The Open Water: IOLITE
15. We Just Wanted To Cry
16. Simon Dominguez Is Circled And Pulled
17. Mányoki Manhandles Molokai
18. At 75 Years Old, Harry Huffaker To Tackle Molokai Again
19. Elizabeth Fry Blows The Minds Of Veterans
20. Developing Leg Strength For The Open Water
21. The Innate Feel Of Veterans
22. 48 Years Old And In His Prime
23. Dr Otto Thaning’s English Channel Program At 73
24. Gary Workman Lives Up To His Name
25. Athletes Do The Right Thing By Craig Lord
26. Ryan Lochte To Stay On His Stomach
27. Forward Ho, Chad Wins South Africa’s First Gold
28. New York To London Swim Adventure For Ventre
29. The Deep Enders Heading Towards The California Coast
30. Another Epic Relay Attempt – A Two-way Farallon Relay
31. Swimming Equivalent Of Brutal Dryland Workouts
32. Swimming Around Manhattan Over The Past 100 Years
33. Come To Me
34. Towering Waves Call It A Night
35. 30 Most Influential People in Swimming + 3
36. Chloë McCardel Makes It Look As Easy As 1-2-3
37. 400 Years Ago, An Open Water Swim Competition Was Born
38. Martin Strel To Swim Around The World In 450 Days
39. After 34 Years, The Double Roughwater Comes To A Halt
40. When Injuries Happen In The Open Water
41. David Yudovin, Ocean Pioneer Extraordinaire, Passes Away

Video shows the fastest heat of the men’s Ice Kilometer at the 1st Ice Swimming World Championships held on March 20th 2015 in Murmansk, Russia:

Lane 1 Evgeni Rabinovich
Lane 2 Sergio Salomone
Lane 3 Craig Lenning
Lane 4 Christof Wandratsch
Lane 6 Henri Kaarma
Lane 7 Albert Sobirov
Lane 8 Eduard Khodakovski

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