What's A Purple Flag Mean?

What’s A Purple Flag Mean?

Especially when the sun heats up the shoreline areas, the waves are minimal, and it is low tide with plenty of beach-goers, there are stingrays to worry about in Orange County beaches in Southern California.

That is when the purple flags come out on the lifeguard towers. “Between 11 am and 1 pm today, the stingrays were out and so were the swimmers. We had so many stings today,” explained California lifeguard Lexie Kelly on Sunset Beach.

We have water containers with very hot water from the Fire Department. We ask the swimmers or beach-goers to stick their feet in the water.

If they live close, we can get them transport and ask them to continue soaking the sting area in as hot of water as they can withstand. If they live far away, we try to take care of them here on the beach. We had so many people get stung today

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