When All Eyes Look North

Courtesy of Irish Long Distance Swimming Association and Swim Ireland.

For generations, the most difficult, challenging and cruelest channel crossing in the world has generally been considered to be the North Channel, 21 miles between Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The North Channel is very cold for even the most hardened swimmers. It is painful due to its jellyfish soup for even the most pain-tolerant athletes. It is rough and turbulent for even the most experienced ocean veterans.

The Irish Long Distance Swimming Association and Swim Ireland will honor the successful solo swimmers of the North Channel during the 2016 season at its annual awards 2017 ceremony at Belfast Castle in conjunction with Belfast City Council on February 11th:

* Andrew McLaughlin (USA) 14 hours 21 minutes
* Cameron Bellamy (South Africa) 12 hours 22 minutes 3 seconds
* Edward Williams (England) 10 hours 58 minutes 4 seconds
* Andre Wiersig (Germany) 12 hours 17 minutes 2 seconds
* Rachel Doyle (Ireland) 13 hours 14 minutes 3 seconds
* Caroline Block (USA) 14 hours 31 minutes 53 seconds
* Keith Garry (Ireland) 9 hours 57 minutes 28 seconds
* Phia Steyn (South Africa) 13 hours 36 minutes 3 seconds
* Pat Gallant-Charette (USA) 14 hours 22 minutes [shown above]
* Steve Walker (USA) 11 hours 19 minutes

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Steven Munatones