When And Where?  Global Open Water Swimming Race Calendar

When And Where? Global Open Water Swimming Race Calendar

Where is the next swim? How far is it? When is the race? How do I enter? What is the cost? What about the water temperature? Are you going?

These are just some of the questions triathletes and open water swimmers have when considering their next event.

There are dozens of online open water swimming race calendars available, including the global database that the World Open Water Swimming Association has developed here.

If you are a triathlete, open water swimmer – veteran or newcomer, race director, administrator or volunteer, check out the new Global Open Water Swimming Race Calendar here.

With an estimated 12,000 open water events in at least 162 countries, these race calendars will continue to grow and grow and grow in the 21st century beyond the imagination of every governing body and administrator in the world.

To add an event to the race calendar, you simply need to register and login as a free member. Your default level of access will be as an Event Contributor. Your password is emailed to you after you register so you can start contributing to the global community.

Other members and race directors may wish to update and edit their favorite open water swims. Members who are interested in helping edit the events are upgraded to Event Editor status. Event Editors will receive additional controls when they log into the calendar.

Photo ofthe Swim Miami race, courtesy of Jim Winters of Nikon Miami.

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Steven Munatones