When Does History Start In Open Water Swimming?

When Does History Start In Open Water Swimming?

When a swim has never been accomplished before, when does its history start?

In the channel swimming world, success is usually not achieved on the very first attempts. Although there are many exceptions, more than likely first-time channel swims take time. That is, attempts were tried before the English Channel was finally conquered, although 1 out of 105 people who attempted in the Catalina Channel for the first time in 1927 made it.

It takes time for humans (pilots + swimmers) to figure out how best to traverse a waterway.

Therefore, it is our opinion that history in the channel swimming world does not begin when the first swimmer touches land on the first successful crossing. Au contraire, history begins in the channel swimming world when someone first dreams of swimming from point A to point B.

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming is honored to write about the numerous chapters that are being written year and year in the open water swimming world. With so much of the Earth and its waterways yet to be crossed or circumnavigated, the annals of marathon swimming have many, many more chapters to be written.

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Steven Munatones