When East Meets West In The Open Water

When East Meets West In The Open Water

Part 1 of a series on Tower 26 ocean swimming workouts is courtesy of WOWSA.

Bruckner Chase of Ocean City Swim Club in New Jersey made a morning ocean workout visit to Gerry Rodrigues of Tower 26 in California.

The pair of swimming coaches shared all kinds of coaching tips, safety information, and open water issues at the weekly Tower 26 workouts on Santa Monica Beach.

The triathletes, masters swimmers and competitive swimmers who attend the Tower 26 ocean workouts are broken up into five groups, separated by swimmers’ speed. Each group has 1-2 lifeguards in yellow swim caps who guide the swimmers in and out of the surf and around the turn buoys. Lifeguards are also on the beach with their lights on in the car while Coach Gerry is constantly on the outlook with binoculars on shore.

It is quite an event at 6 am in the Pacific Ocean.

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