When The END Is Not In Sight

When The END Is Not In Sight

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Not only is the water of the Red River of the North muddy and churned up, but the winding river makes it impossible to see the distance from afar. Veer left, veer right, hug one shore, then the other.

Stroke after stroke, feed after feed, mile after mile, hour after hour, the solo and relay swimmers of the END-WET (Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test) defined the epitome of endurance athletes.

As Andy Magness describes the event, “The END-WET is a 36-mile down-river swim race on the Red River of the North. This baby is the biggest and baddest swim race in all of North America, but still full of hometown hospitality and charm.”

The participants included veterans of the sport, an ultra-marathon swimming heroine, and a few newcomers to this (57.9 km) distance. At the end, the renowned Sarah Thomas expectedly added another feather to her swim cap with a 9 hour 43 minute victory.

Solo Swimmer Results:
1. Sarah Thomas 9:43
2. Bill Leonard 9:53
3. Charles Brown 10:09
4. Laurie Bauder (neoprene) 10:15
5. Jenna Rutkowski 10:28
6. Cliff Crozier 10:38
7. Sharessa Gutierrez 10:47
8. Don Henderson 10:50
9. Dan Jacobson 10:55
10. Scott Jensen (neoprene) 11:03
11. Miranda Anderson 11:19
12. Molly Nance (neoprene) 11:22
13. Dave DaPrato 11:33
14. Patty Hermann (neoprene) 11:44
15. Rachel Horos 11:47
16. Steve Gruenwald 11:53
17. Jaimie Monahan 11:56
18. Ranie Pearce 12:43
19. Landon Ascheman 12:54
20. Kate Howell 13:06
21. Jim Gardner 13:24
22. Kristine Buckley 13:25
23. Steve Delke 13:26
24. Bill Murtha 13:41
25. Dan Projansky (butterfly) 15:22
DNF Dan Endy (23 of 36 miles)
DNF Tara Manzella (15 of 36 miles)

Relay Results:
1. check MEOWt (4-person) Relay 10:31
2. Obembe Bros (3-person) Relay 11:39
3. Chicks with Kick (3-person) Relay 11:41

Photos courtesy of Julie Thompson. Additional photos by Wes Peck are here.

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