When Grandmothers Stand Up - Swim For Ukraine

When Grandmothers Stand Up – Swim For Ukraine

Estonian mermaid swimmer Merle Liivand was only 4 months old when the Russian tanks were just 3 kilometers away from her home. She recalls, “The Russians were in front of my Granny. They were driving in to take over the Estonian TV tower. The Russian tans were ready to shoot her and other people who were asking for peace. She stood up for Europe, a democratic and free world.

Estonians gave me freedom and peace.

We all have family stories with Ukrainian people. We know how painful communism can be. We can’t let Ukraine to be alone. We have to take small or big helpful actions around the globe to help. I ask any athlete, coach, or organization to join with the challenge – any swimming account to join with the challenge: Swim for Ukraine.

@raceidsweden challenged me to swim 5 km for a minimum 5€ donation for peace, humanity and #NoWar.

I tackled this swim with my mermaid fin and just kicked dolphin without using my arms. Check out here how you can help in this situation and the ongoing humanitarian crisis.”

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