When Groups Go Together In, Above Or Around The Water

When Groups Go Together In, Above Or Around The Water

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When open water swimmers travel together in open bodies of water they are called a pack, a pod, a squad, a team, an aquatic scrum, a peloton, or a mass [of swimmers].

What are groups of animals who travel in, near or above the water called in English?

Albatross – Rookery
Alligators – Congregation
Badgers – Cete, Colony, Set, Company
Barracudas – Battery
Bass – Shoal
Beavers – Colony, Family
Clams – Bed
Crabs – Cast, Bushel
Crocodiles – Bask, Float
Dolphins – Pod
Ducks (in flight) – Flock
Ducks (on ground) – Brace, Badling
Ducks (in water) – Raft, Team, Paddling
Eels – Swarm, Bed, Fry
Fish – Shoal, School
Flamingos – Stand, Flamboyance, Colony, Flurry, Regiment
Frogs – Army, Colony, Knot
Geese (in general) – Flock
Geese (in flight) – Skein
Geese (on ground) – Gaggle, Herd, Corps
Gulls – Colony, Screech
Herring – Army, Shoal
Hippopotami – Bloat, Pod, Herd, Dale
Jellyfish – Smack, Brood, Smuth, Smuck, Fluther
Kelp – Forest, Kelp Bed
Otters – Romp, Bevy, Family, Raft
Oysters – Bed
Pelicans – Pod
Penguins (in general) – Colony, Rookery, Huddle, Muster, Parcel
Porpoises – Herd, Pod, School, Turmoil
Sardines – Family
Seals – Pod, Harem, herd, Rookery
Sharks – Shiver, School, Shoal
Stingrays – Fever
Swans (general) – Bevy, Bank, Herd
Swans (in flight) – Wedge, Flight
Trout – Hover
Turtles – Bale, Nest, Turn, Dole
Walruses – Herd, Pod
Whales – Pod, Gam, Herd, School

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