When Harry Meets Rondi In The Big Apple

When Harry Meets Rondi In The Big Apple

Young Harry Stephenson from Florida won the 10K Little Red Lighthouse Swim in New York City in blazing fast time of 1:17:50, benefitting from a powerful current down the Hudson River. But Harry needed all the speed he could muster up with a much of experienced masters swimmers chasing after him, including the second-place finisher Rondi Davies in 1:21:34.

Reports came pouring in that the new Olympic distance of 10K was greatly appreciated. With a new start time and location – and the help of the wind – the flood tide started early and remained strong throughout the race which made for a very fast 10K time for the 213 finishers, especially the top 10 finishers:

1. Harry Stephenson (18 from Florida) 1:17:50:00
2. Rondi Davies (40 from New York) 1:21:34:00
3. Jessica Knapp (34 from Connecticut) 1:21:57:00
4. Bruce Brockschmidt (43 from New Jersey) 1:22:15:00
5. Evan Morrison (30 from Illinois) 1:23:04:00
6. Cedric Cheung-Lau (23 from New York) 1:25:44:00
7. Patrick Dougherty (19 from Pennsylvania) 1:26:25:00
8. Yair Zorea (38 from Israel) 1:26:43:00
9. Meaghan Casey (29 from Massachusetts) 1:27:04:00
10. Tobey-Anne Saracino (35 from New York) 1:27:29:00

Photo of Harry Stephenson by Lexie Swall of the Naples News.

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