When Hell Breaks Loose, Call In The Lifeguards

When Hell Breaks Loose, Call In The Lifeguards

Swimmers of all ages and abilities are most definitely in good hands at the Waikiki Roughwater Swim, especially under the experienced eye of the local lifeguards.

Procedures, policies and protocols that the lifeguards have in place to protect the millions of visitors to the beaches of Hawaii are used in the open water swims in the state.

And they have been put to the test.

Ralph Goto, the Ocean Safety Administrator of the Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division of the City & County of Honolulu in Hawaii, explained about emergency situations at the 2003 Waikiki Roughwater Swim where over 300 swimmers were pulled from the rough waters and shifting currents off Waikiki Beach. He described the reasons why the situation arose and what the safety personnel did.

After an illustrious career, Goto was awarded one of the prestigious Paragon Awards for water safety in 2012 by the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

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