When History Repeats Itself In The Open Water

When History Repeats Itself In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Earlier this year when Adam Walker was caught on video swimming with dolphins during his charity swim across the Cook Strait, millions of people saw him being Walkerized during his 8 hour 36 minute crossing.

Viewers from around the world appreciated his efforts and the imagery of a swimmer battling the elements with dolphins at his side and below him, guiding and protecting him.

We recall Penny Palfrey‘s 2006 swim across the 16-mile Cook Strait between the South and North Islands of New Zealand. Her swim and Walker’s swims were strikingly similar: under the escort of Philip Rush, Palfrey swam across in 8 hours 26 minutes…with the escort of dolphins.

Photo by Chris Palfrey.

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Steven Munatones