When It Is Cold At Night

When It Is Cold At Night

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

It was a pleasure to hear the discussion between Lewis Pugh and the Night Train Swimmers in San Francisco, California yesterday. Their topic after the annual 5 Coves of Death swim in Aquatic Park: cold water swimming.

While the Night Train Swimmers regularly train and swim in 9°C-12°C, Pugh has experienced water temperatures below -1°C.

I think you need four things for cold water swimming,” discussed Pugh with Kim Chambers [shown above] and her Night Train teammates. “You need some fat, but also a decent amount of muscle. You also have to spend regular time in the cold and train in the cold. You have to have a fixed mindset, focused determination. Finally, you need heart. You need a reason to be in the cold. If not, you will get out when you start getting cold.”

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Steven Munatones