When Love And Open Water Swimming Mix

When Love And Open Water Swimming Mix

Love seems to be in the salt water air more often in the open water swimming world lately.

Marriages between Christian and Nadine Reichert of Germany, Damian Blaum of Argentina and Esther Nuñez of Spain, Russian Olympians Larisa Ilchenko and Sergey Perunin, and Italian national team swimmers Luca Ferretti and Federica Vitale are making the airways in the global open water community.

But it is not only at the elite professional level where wedding bells are ringing, marital bliss in the open water swimming world has established its tentacles from Australia (Chris to Penny Palfrey) to England (Nick Adams and Dr. Sakura Hingley) as love knows no bounds, on land or in the water.

Certainly marriages between two like-minded individuals living the same lifestyle with the same outlook on life going after similar goals makes for marital bliss. Especially when they can enjoy their lives together while traveling to and exploring the world’s waterways together.

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Steven Munatones