When People Said It Cannot Be Done

When People Said It Cannot Be Done

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Andrew Smilley of the Cayman Islands and Kester Edwards are, deservedly so, the faces of open water swimming in the Special Olympics community.

Through his charisma and depth of passion, Edwards have worked tirelessly over the last several years to bring open water swimming to this community.

When people said it cannot be done, Edwards pressed further.

When people said it would be dangerous for Special Olympics athletes to do an open water swimming, Edwards contacted more people.

When people said it would be irresponsible to allow Special Olympics athletes in the open water, Edwards showed them that competent swimmers existed around the world.

When people said that the parents and caregivers for Special Olympics athletes would not allow them in the open water, Edwards found those parents and caregivers who did.

Edwards changed the world for many, for the better, and for the future. One of those athletes who benefitted was Smilley who has served as an open water swimming ambassador from Europe to the Americas. Supported by his coach Penny McDowall, the duo has traveled around the world showing people that Special Olympics athletes too can safely and courageously venture beyond the shorelines.

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