When Sharks Circle

When Sharks Circle

When Sharks Circle

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Just as Simon Dominguez was cruising along on his 27th mile and nearing his goal of the Farallon Islands, a crew member saw a Great White Shark circling and eyeing Dominguez.

The first person saw it and then we all did. The yelling did gain momentum especially when you hear a loud voice yell ‘Simon shark,'” reported escort boat captain Vito Bialla of the Night Train Swimmers.

That multiplied.

There was little time for debate when many people yelled at him. He was on the swim platform very quickly as the shark circled the boat some more, 30 to 40 yards out. I think he was mostly curious and the fact that Simon was bleeding caused even more curiosity. Simon was willing to go back after a 10-minute grace period authorized by our observer, but I said no. It was a most heroic effort and am proud to have witnessed it.

I would have made the same call for Joe Locke, Craig Lenning or Ted Erikson if I was there

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